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Services We Provide

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Involves the use of artificial limbs (prostheses) to enhance the function and lifestyle of persons with limb loss. We provide high-standard technology that helps the need of individuals.
Our experienced Prosthetists are always willing to help.


Involves precision and creativity in the design and fitting of external devices (orthoses). Orthosis acts to control/correct weakened or deformed regions of the body.
Our Orthotists work based on your clinical examination.


We maintain current advancements while applying our diverse expertise to prescribe quality, unique and affordable braces made to dramatically realign the abnormal anatomical structure in the body.

Pediatric Services

The child’s growing, ever-changing nature presents a dynamic challenge to patients and clinics that provide pediatric prostheses and Orthoses for children.
We work closely with families, therapists and care providers to ensure intervention success in both pediatric prosthetics and orthotics.

Rehabilitation of persons with special needs

We provide a set of interventions designed to optimize functioning and reduce inability in individuals with health conditions in relation to their environment.
We work with
-Children with behavioral disorders
-Education settings
-Nursing home. etc


Medivice Rehab Limited

Our Rehab programmes are designed purely for our patient’s individual needs. Medivice focuses on Modern :
Prostheses for people with limb loss (Amputees),
back pain,
babies born with foot deformities and
Rehabilitation of people with special needs.

We are a team of clinically trained & licensed professionals who strive to pursue standards with a strong understanding of our social and economic factors.
We are here to make life easy for you. We have a team of competent and caring staff who begin your treatment immediately



Established in late 2018, Medivice is a dedicated rehabilitation center committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with physical disabilities through affordable, cutting-edge technologies. Our services encompass clinical assessments, prescriptions, and the design of mobility aids tailored to the needs of amputees, children with limb deformities, children affected by cerebral palsy, individuals with musculoskeletal defects, and those experiencing chronic lower back pain.

Our overarching ambition is to extend the reach of cost-effective medical rehabilitation across numerous states in Nigeria and Africa. We strive to empower individuals with disabilities, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives through medical technology that unlocks their full potential. By doing so, we aim to foster equal opportunities and promote social inclusion, thereby improving their overall quality of life.

Our vision is to pioneer the future of medical rehabilitation, prosthetic, and orthotic technologies. We strive to be globally recognized for our commitment to enhancing mobility, functionality, and quality of life. Through the development and delivery of comprehensive solutions, we aim to create a transformative impact on the lives of amputees and those in need of special rehabilitation.


Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge prosthetics, orthotics, and rehabilitation services for individuals with unique needs. We are dedicated to providing these services efficiently within a secure, private, and accessible environment that prioritizes comfort and care. Above all, our focus is always on putting patient care at the forefront of everything we do.



16 reviews on
Osagie Azeta
Osagie Azeta
11 April 2023
Great Service
Oke Remilekun
Oke Remilekun
2 April 2023
For Prosthetic leg? they have a team of committed professionals that are always willing to help.
Oyelola Gbemiga
Oyelola Gbemiga
15 February 2021
That was a great service. Thank you
Ochi ngozi
Ochi ngozi
18 July 2020
Medicine is the best. They are caring and they are affordable.
ruth oluwamodupe
ruth oluwamodupe
21 June 2020
they are honest and i enjoyed an excellent service. Thank you for all you do .
Tosin Sotande
Tosin Sotande
13 November 2019
At Medivice, appropriate care is given in a professional manner when it comes to prosthetic and orthotics treatment
NG snails
NG snails
25 October 2019
This is a good place to visit if you need quality and affordable artificial leg.
freedom limbs
freedom limbs
1 July 2019
They are honest, provide answer to questions and work based on our budgets. Thank you Medivice!